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Welcome to the Regent College Community

The Regent College community brings together a diverse group of parents and families, united with a common goal of providing a safe environment for children to grow, learn and thrive.

“What draws people to be friends is that they seem the same truth” CS Lewis

Parent Collective

“Developing a Christ-like school community and connecting families”
The Parent Collective (PC) consists of all the parents of children at the school. The PC is managed through a management team that is elected at the beginning of each school year. All Regent College families are invited to attend PC meetings which are generally scheduled 1-2 times per term.

For more information
Contact the current Chairpersons Zion and Chuin Ong
via admin: admin@regentcollege.wa.edu.au


Parent Representatives

The classroom Parent Representatives, or ‘Parent Reps’ are parents who volunteer to help build community at the class level. Parent Reps help other parents feel connected, included and heard. Parent Reps, in partnership with the College, set up class group chats and arrange social events and gatherings throughout the year. 

For more information
Contact College Administration
Email: admin@regentcollege.wa.edu.au

The Fathering Project
School Group

“The Fathering Project” is a nationwide project founded by Western Australian Dr Bruce Robinson. 

The Fathering Project’s Schools Program aims to positively promote the important role of fathers and father figures to the entire school community through the formation of a Fathering Project School Group (FPSG). 

A FPSG is a group of dads from a school that is created to be a fun group that builds interaction, knowledge and skills of fathers and father figures. The FPSG at Regent College runs events throughout the year to gather dads and positively promote the important role of fathers and father figures. 

For more information:
Contact the Regent FPSG coordinators Dennis Preston and Rob Vellacot
Email: tfp@regentcollege.wa.edu.au

Regent Family

A community playgroup operates at Regent College on Thursday mornings during the school term.

The playgroups runs from 9-10:30am in in the school hall of Kindergarten area and attendees must first sign-in through College Administration.

Bookings through Playgroup WA (Inc) are essential. 

Parent Prayer

We believe in the power of prayer!

The vision for the prayer group is to cover every staff, every child attending Regent College and their families in prayer. 

The Regent College prayer group meetings at the College every Tuesday morning following the bell (8:30am) until 9:15am during the school term. 

A are welcome to attend and no previous prayer experience required.

If you have any questions about prayer or prayer requests? 

Email: communityprayer@regentcollege.wa.edu.au

Local Churches


Riverview Church is a large, contemporary, multi-cultural and multi-generational community of Jesus-followers. We live to love God with all that we are and love each other the way He loved us.

We are thoughtful in our approach to life and faith, vibrant in our spirituality and deeply committed to making a difference in our world for good and for God. Regardless of where you are on your journey of faith, you can belong here!

The Rocks

THE ROCKS is a modern Christian church with a message of grace for everyone. 

At The Rocks, we don’t judge you or anyone else for that matter. We believe nobody’s perfect (including us) and we are all on a journey. You don’t even have to be a Christian to attend! We are ordinary people who acknowledge that we all in some way have messed up and are in need of God’s grace. So no matter where you are in your spiritual journey, we’d love for you to join us to see what we’re all about. There are No Perfect People allowed here. 


Lifestreams Church is a community of people focussed on Jesus, committed to authentic loving relationships and seeking to make a difference here in our own backyard and to the ends of the earth. Our mission is simply to help people find and follow Jesus.

Lifestreams is intergenerational and very family oriented with structured children’s and youth programs designed by our team to make your family’s experience an enjoyable one. 

Grow Free Chart

The Regent College Grow Free sharing cart is a medium where we can give others in our school community homegrown produce for free. 

Families are invited to leave homegrown produce and take what you need from the cart. There are no prices, no bartering, no trading, no value; like you would to family and loved ones.  Various classes are also growing herbs and vegetables that they will look after and then contribute to the cart.

Suggested items you may like to leave are;

  • Homegrown or homemade produce: fruit, vegetables, herbs, homemade preserves
  • Eggs and clean egg cartons
  • Seeds, seedlings, cuttings and rootstock (please label clearly)
  • All things gardening, whether it be gardening magazines, toilet rolls, worm tea, etc
  • Washed jars

There are a few things that we ask you don’t leave, please NO: mushrooms, meat, chook & compost scraps, alcohol.

The cart will be located in the alcove opposite the Uniform Shop each school day from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm. 

Follow @grow_free_regentcollege on Instagram

Town of Victoria Park

Regent College is situated in the Town of Victoria Park (ToVP). We encourage you to visit the ToVP website and read about some of the great initiatives and programs they offer our community. 

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