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Regent College utilises the Western Australian Curriculum, as set by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA). There is a registration process by which all schools are evaluated. In 2021, Regent College underwent the registration renewal process and successfully achieved registration for the maximum time possible, which is currently 5 years. Regent College is seeking to be future-minded in terms of anticipating the needs of students. To that end, we are outward focussed, seeking opportunities and have ongoing review of current practices.

Childhood of Learning

By focussing on a “childhood of learning” we acknowledge the value of early intervention but also the joy of childhood. It is not simply a transition phase to secondary and tertiary education. A “childhood of learning” sets the habit of lifelong learning. In order to have a “childhood of learning”, students require safety and predictability, with opportunities for age appropriate risk-taking.

For example, “Busk-a-tune”, allows for children across all musical skill levels to perform to their peers and parents in the college grounds. It is a scaffolded activity which facilitates generalisation of skills (musical, inter-personal, problem solving, performance) and affirms the effort made by students. The process of learning is as valid as the end result.


Regent x AISWA Collaboration

‘Playful STEM: Using blocks in Kindergarten to Year 2’ (2021), published by the Association of Independent Schools of Western Australia (AISWA).

Beyond the Classroom

Considering varying stride lengths and speeds, Regent College is within five minutes walking time to Raphael Park (Victoria Park) and five minutes to the Swan River. With the school as a base, students venture out on-foot to our local community, including to Heirisson Island and GO Edwards Park. Excursions further afield are routinely incorporated into our program, such as Scitech and Perth Zoo dependent on COVID restrictions. 

River School (Pre-Primary)

Taking learning on an adventure

In terms two and three, Pre-Primary students walk down to the Swan River to explore their nearby environment. Their walk features opportunities to investigate and observe nature, engage in some self-directed learning as well as develop their resilience along the journey.

Whilst at the river, the student’s complete tasks which connect with the curriculum and support and enhance the learning taking place in the classroom.

River Rangers (Years 5 & 6)

Inquiry-based learning outside four walls

Regent College is part of the years five and six West Australian primary school cadet program, River Rangers.

The River Rangers program seeks to educate and engage school-aged children to help protect local rivers for the future. It aims to empower students to make positive changes to their local communities and waterways, and ultimately to their local river park. A key focus of the program is also to increase understanding of, and engagement with, the importance of conserving Noongar and European cultural history.

Conservation projects undertaken by River Rangers include tree planting, litter pick-ups, bird and bat box building, biodiversity surveys, water quality testing and building native gardens. 

The program is run by the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions – Parks and Wildlife Service, as part of the broader Cadets WA Program.


Camps are a highlight in each Year 4 and Year 6 students time at Regent College. Through community and experiential activities, camps develop students with resilience, confidence, problem-solving skills and independence. The College has collaborated with two notable organisations to create excellent camp programs for our Year 4 and Year 6 students. The Year 4 camp traditionally is held at Boshak Outback which is North of Toodyay. The Year 6 is held at Camp Geographe in Busselton.

Educated by Nature have teamed up with Boshack Outback camp to deliver immersive nature-based learning experiences for our Year 4 Students.

Scripture Union delivers an engaging range of outdoor recreation activities that encourage learning in a Christian community setting for our Year 6 Students.

Performing Arts

Each year Pre-Primary to Year 6 Students explore different styles of performing arts and present a class item to a large audience of family members. Exploring different styles of performing arts encourages creativity and expression.

Busk a Tune is a new initiative of the College. Once a week, students part of the Instrumental Program at the College are invited to perform their instruments in a busking/street performance. 

Edu-Dance is a creative hip-hop dance program designed for primary school students to improve their levels of fitness and health while being encouraged to enjoy the challenge and have fun. Regent students enjoy a term of learning and rehearsing choreography before performing their dance routines in front of an audience.

Each year students in Years 1 – 6 prepare and present a speech to classmates, with class finalists presenting during an end of term assembly. 

Extra-Curricular & Instrumental Program

Regent College offers an assortment of extra-curricular activities for students.

Extra-Curricular Activities


Choir is held weekly during a lunchtime for students in Year 3 – 6.
Students are required to commit to the choir for a minimum of one semester and are required to attend weekly rehearsals.

Families will be emailed early in each new year and invited to register their child for Choir via Parent Lounge.

For further information, please contact the Regent College Music Specialist Teacher, Miss Joey Wong.

Regular Activities

Chess Tuition is a private program offered after school to students in Years 1 – 6 by external chess coach, Ms Tatyana Igonina. 

About the Tutor: Tatyana Igonina is the mother and first coach of International Grandmaster Kubokarov Temur who is a 2019 Australian Open Chess Champion and winner of many International Chess Tournaments around the world. Tatyana trained her son, with the help of famous coaches, and also created a special preparation program to develop and grow his skills.  As a result of this program, he grew to the level of Grandmaster.

Tatyana loves to teach children how to play chess in different schools across Perth and uses the same program and techniques as she did with her son.

To apply for a position in Chess Tuition, families must complete an Expression of Interest (EOI) Form for their child before Friday 12th January 2024 to be considered for activities commencing in Term 1 2024. As positions are limited, all EOI’s received are placed on a waiting list and you will be contacted should a suitable position be available for your child.

Chess is full for Semester 1 and has students on a waiting list. We are not accepting EOI forms at this time. Please check back at a later date.

Refer to the Terms & Conditions of Tuition for the 2024 Fee Schedule and all items for your consideration before completing an EOI.

Mandarin tuition is a private program offered after school to students in Pre-Primary to Year 6 by external tutor, Ms Eileen Song. 

Classes are conducted in small groups with places in the program strictly limited. 

About the Tutor: Eileen Song, was born in Shenyang City in North Eastern China. It is one of 3 provinces in China that only speaks Standard Mandarin without any local dialect. She began teaching Mandarin in Singapore in 1992 to foreigners and students on a part-time basis. Eileen migrated to Australia in 2008 with her husband and daughter and is currently full time teaching Mandarin and Abacus and Mental Arithmetic. She is holding both TCSOL and TQUK. After teaching in Perth for nine years, she developed a set of teaching materials which provide children a fun and efficient way of learning Mandarin in reading, speaking, listening and writing. These teaching materials are suitable for both zero foundation in Mandarin and for those who can speak; however unable to read. There are more than 100 students who benefit from this program.

2023 students registered in the Mandarin Program do not need to re-enrol for 2024.  Registrations will continue until students graduate (Year 6) or end their enrolment at the College. Families must advise the Mandarin Tutor if they wish to withdraw from the program at all other times. Current registered Mandarin students should refer to the 2024 Terms & Conditions of Tuition for the fine print including how to withdraw the from Mandarin Program.

All new students (PP-6) must complete a 2024 Registration Form. Please refer to the 2024 Mandarin Terms & Conditions which includes the Fee Schedule prior to submitting a Registration Form. 

Please note that completing a Registration Form does not guarantee a position in the Mandarin Program. All registrations are placed on a waiting list and students will be offered a place when a suitable position becomes available.

Email all registration forms to: E:

For further information, please contact the Mandarin Tutor Eileen Song via E: or T: 0413 489 567.

Seasonal Activities

Additionally, some activities run seasonly such as sporting programs and clubs. These include the following:

  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Netball
  • Regent Run Club
  • Soccer

Parents will be advised when registrations are open for seasonal activities. Parents can register their child for season activities via Parent Lounge.

Instrumental Program

Regent College students in Years 1-6 have the opportunity to learn an instrument from suitably qualified and experienced private tutors; whether they are continuing to learn or are a beginner.  The Instrumental Program is a fantastic way for students to grow in their instrumental skills within a safe and supportive school environment. Students receive weekly tuition that is timetabled during school hours on a rotating basis to minimise disruption to the same lesson each week. 

Instrumental Lessons Available in 2024:

  • Drums (FULL – complete an EOI for the waiting list)
  • Guitar (FULL)
  • Piano (FULL)
  • Vocals (FULL)
  • Violin (FULL) 
Students are required to have an instrument at home for practice. The College does not hold stock of instruments to hire or loan, therefore once your child has been offered a position, please arrange to hire or purchase an instrument. 

Here are some suggested places to rent/hire your musical instrument:

Concept Music:  244-246 Cambridge St, Wembley 6104

WA Music Co: 1/3 Morris Pl, Innaloo 6108

Tempest Music: 56 Ley St, Como 6152

Please direct any enquiries to:

To apply for a position in the Instrumental Program, families must complete an Expression of Interest (EOI) Form for their child prior to Monday 15th January 2024 to be considered for lessons commencing in Semester 1 2024 or Friday 28th June 2024 to be considered for lessons commencing in Semester 2 2024. 

As positions are limited, all EOIs received are placed on a waitlist and you will be contacted should a suitable position be available for your child.

The Instrumental Program is full for Semester 1 and has students on a waiting list.  We are currently only accepting EOI for Drum Tuition (waitlist).

Unfortunately, we are not accepting EOI forms at this time for all other instruments. Please check back at a later date.

N.B. Waitlists do not roll over to new academic years, therefore you will need to submit a new EOI each year.

Please refer to the Conditions of Tuition for the 2024 Fee Schedule and all items for your consideration before completing any of the Expression of Interest forms below:

Please use this form if you want to withdraw your child from the Instrumental Program at any time during the academic year. Please refer to the 2024 Terms and Conditions for more information.  

For more information:


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