Outside School Hours Care

Big Childcare at Regent College

Big Childcare is a trusted Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) provider.

Directors Ted and Sian Hatzakortzian have served families for over a decade in the industry, delivering a unique and holistic service across Australia. Big Childcare ensures every child’s needs are put first, giving them a sense of belonging and safetv, whilst of course having loads of fun!

Before School Hours Care

7:00am to 8:15am
Breakfast is available for all children booked in.
Activities usually are comprised of quiet reading, board games and /or simple craft activities.

Permanent bookings: $22
Casual booking: $25
(Includes breakfast)

After Schools Hours Care

3:00pm to 6:00pm
The afternoon activities include snack time, games, sporting activities, art & craft, a quiet time where homework may be completed and outdoor activities.

Permanent bookings: $28
Casual bookings: $31
(Late pick up fees may apply)

Student Free / Holiday Care

7:00am to 6.00pm
Additional activity fee applies for excursions to cover and venue admission and transport costs.

Casual booking: $70
(Start date to be confirmed)


For more detailed information, please view or download
the Big Childcare Family Handbook by clicking below

Registering your Child for OSHC

All OSHC registration and bookings are managed online through the XAP App. If your child has not enrolled with Big Childcare, please complete the online enrolment below. (This also applies to those who had previously enrolled with Salt & Light OSHC)

 Need help? Check out the How to video or the enrolment guide
Your cost or care may be reduced by up to 85% with Child Care Subsidy. To find out if you are eligible, visit Services Australia or call 13 61 50 between 9am and 5pm local time on weekdays.

Already Registered for XAP?

Simply sign-in to XAP App. You will be able to:

  • View current bookings
  • Request changes to your booking
  • Advise of any days your child will be absent
  • Update your details
  • Book in casual day

Need help with XAP?

Please contact Big Childcare directly. 

Booking in for Casual Days?

Using the XAP App you can see if any places are available, book casual days, cancel casual days and mark your child as absent on a booked day. Marking your child as absent opens that place for another child to be booked in. Failure to mark your child as absent will result in a Non-Attendance Fee being charged.

Please note: the Big Childcare OSHC program runs separately from the school.

If your child is absent from school, you must inform the school as well as the Big Childcare program. Marking your child absent from OSHC is simple to do using the XAP app. You must contact the Big Childcare directly to cancel a permanent booking.

CONTACT Big Childcare

Mobile Number: 0438 820 997

Email Address: regentcollege@bigchildcare.com

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