Outside School Hours Care

‘Salt and Light’ Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) by Regent College, provides fun, engaging and safe before and after school care for children in Kindergarten to Year 6. The Regent College OSHC is a licensed childcare provider which is registered for Child Care Benefit and/or Rebates.
The program runs before and after school every day during school term.

Before School Hours Care

7:00am to 8:15am
Breakfast is available for all children booked in.
Activities usually are comprised of quiet reading, board games and /or simple craft activities.

Cost: Flat session fee of $22.
(Includes breakfast)

After Schools Hours Care

3:00pm to 6:00pm
The afternoon activities include snack time, games, sporting activities, art & craft, a quiet time where homework may be completed and outdoor activities.

Cost: Flat session fee of $27.
Late pick up fees apply.

Registering your Child for OSHC

All OSHC registration and bookings are managed online through the Xplor Home App

For new Regent OSHC families

You will receive an email from Xplor to set up your password and log in details.

Already Registered for Xplor Home?

Simply sign-in to Xplor Home App using your email address and password. You will be able to:

  • View current bookings
  • Request changes to your booking
  • Advise of any days your child will be absent
  • Update your details
  • Book in casual days

Need help with Xplor Home?

For more help we recommend referring to the Xplor Home Quick Start Guide or contacting Regent OSHC directly via email.

Booking in for Casual Days?

Using the Xplor Home App you can see if any places are available, book casual days, cancel casual days and mark your child as absent on a booked day. Marking your child as absent opens that place for another child to be booked in. Failure to mark your child as absent will result in a Non-Attendance Fee being charged.

Please note: the Salt and Light OSHC program runs separately from the school.

If your child is absent from school, you must inform the school as well as the Salt and Light OSHC program. Marking your child absent from OSHC is simple to do using the Xplor Home app. You must contact the College to cancel a permanent booking.

Casual Bookings Cut Off Time: 5:00pm the night before.
For casual bookings, the cut off time to book your child in to Salt and Light Outside School Hours Care and not receive a fee is 5:00pm the night before the day of requested attendance. This cut off time is for both before and after school care. If your booking is made after 5:00pm and is accepted, you will be charged an additional $15 booking admin fee. 

Non-Attendance Fee:

A Non-Attendance Fee will be charged if a booking is not cancelled by 5pm the night before the day of requested attendance. In this instance, a flat $15 non-attendance fee will be charged instead of the full fee. 


Outside School Hours Care Nominated Supervisor:
Kerryn Perry

OSHC Phone Line via College Administration:
9470 4569 
(Available 8am – 4pm)

OSHC Mobile Number: 0447 592 107
(Available outside hours 7am – 8am & 4pm – 6pm)

OSHC Email Address: OSHC@regentcollege.wa.edu.au

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