COVID19 Response

We are Committed to Health and Safety

Regent College is committed to providing a safe environment for students, staff and visitors. 
Regular updates by the College in preparedness and response to COVID19 will available on this page.

Reimagining Primary School Online

Throughout 2021, we have been building our capacity to provide online learning options for all students in the College. Our distance learning program is not designed to replace face to face tuition, but rather to provide continuity in learning in the scenario of a lockdown. Maintaining  a sense of connectedness and routine will be designed into the program.

Students will utilise Microsoft Teams in combination with the Seesaw platform as the basis for the program. It is hoped that the technology provides inspiration for learning away from the device. For example, inspiring  students  to experience nature and contribute to real  life research projects as citizen scientists.

Resources for Families

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