Parent and Friends’ (P&F) Association

The Parent and Friends’ (P&F) Association consists of all the parents of children at the school.  It is managed through a management team that is elected at the beginning of each school year.  The management team meets to evaluate areas of need in the school.  These include building and special projects that have been outlined by the Principal as exceeding the commitment for the given school year. A social event is organised for the school community each term by the P&F Association.


In practice, P&F members - 

  • Serve on working parties to evaluate and prepare for areas of development within the school program
  • Organise fundraising events for specific projects
  • Arrange social activities to bring about close co-operation between parents, teachers and students
  • Relate areas of need within the school from a parent’s position that can be passed on to the Principal
  • Promote the service of the School amongst the church and broader community


The College P&F management team usually meets 2 times per school term. The dates are advertised in the College Calendar. The current chairperson of the P&F Association is parent Mr Seth Phillips, and can be contacted via College Administration: [email protected].


Questions or concerns that relate to teachers, students, teaching and learning should be directed to the College, not the P&F chairperson or committee.