College Vision

Regent College aims to provide an excellent education within a caring Christian environment that will equip each child for today, and a successful future.

College Values

We encourage a belief and faith in God, wisdom, respect, excellence and doing your best; responsibility and integrity; care and compassion, inquiry and exploration, freedom, honesty and trustworthiness; tolerance and ‘Fair Go’.

College Motto and Crest

 College Crest


The College crest components are described below.

The Motto

'Life in Christ' acknowledges the growth, learning and abundant life found in following Christ.  

Regent College exists to educate students to become fully developed followers of Christ. As Godly, competent leaders in society they will become, in effect, Christ’s regents.

The Cross

Represents the death and resurrection of Jesus, His love and salvation for all mankind.

The Crown

Represents the crown of righteousness.

The Dove

Represents the Holy Spirit who gives power and guidance.

The Book

Represents the Bible—God’s Word and our handbook for life.