I'd like to start by saying, welcome to Regent College.

Thank you for your interest in our College. Regent College is a co-educational, faith-based school in Victoria Park, Perth, Western Australia. Our school is situated on the traditional lands of the Wadjuk people of the Nyungar nation.

We are located in an inner-city educational precinct, close to Victoria Park Primary School (Department of Education) and Victoria Park Christian School (Independent School, faith-based also, Seventh Day Adventist).

Regent College caters for students in Kindergarten to Year 6. That is, we operate as a Primary school only. We do not currently offer a 3-year-old program, although we host a weekly playgroup during school terms (Playgroup WA).

We are in a highly valued position as an independent college because it allows us to be uniquely responsive to our students’ needs. We can focus entirely on learning from a child’s perspective (Kindergarten to Year 6). We can provide an atmosphere for learning that is faith-based. Regent College has experienced, dedicated and professional staff. We are a member of the Association of Independent Schools Western Australia (AISWA) and Christian Schools Australia (CSA) and are regulated by the Western Australian Department of Education.

It is important to us that there is a strong sense of belonging at our College. We hope this is noticeable from the beginning of the school day when your child is dropped off in “Kiss and Drive”. We do not seek to build a culture of exclusivity or prestige, where certain people get special treatment. Our motto is inclusivity and kindness, regardless of faith, cultural/language background, family dynamic or educational background. We are a Christian school, but our enrolment is open to families from other religious or non-faith backgrounds. We do this because our mindset is about outwardly focussed and being salt and light in the world.

‘You are the light of the world—like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden’. Matthew 5:14 (The Bible)

We are committed to the ideas of lifelong and creative learning. This takes effort rather than natural aptitude. Students should have skills to manage change; to engage in complex problem solving; to have resilience; to be aware of others and be motivated to impact the world. This places students in the most vital position for lifelong success.

We aim to reduce the barriers to learning, such as performance anxiety or fear of failure. We want to see students feel motivated to come to school, take risks, try new tasks, or discuss new ideas. We aim to complement the excellent work that families have started at home, particularly in the extra-curricular programmes that are offered. In 2021, these include Mandarin language classes, Chess and Run Club.

We focus on the development of the whole child, and this includes spirituality and social-emotional well-being. While our Christian framework is non-denominational, it is Protestant and evangelical in tradition. We follow a Christian curriculum. As a staff, we strive to live out our Christian faith in genuine and tangible ways and endeavour to be more Christ-like in our interactions with students and families.

Finally, we are currently reimagining our College for the next generation of learners. This has involved a dramatic transformation of our grounds and facilities. Fortunately, the main building projects (demolition and rebuild) have already been completed. Our next step consists of the refurbishment of the pre-primary areas and the canteen.

Our Mission and Vision statements seek to set the benchmark for this change and are described below.

The leadership team is very accessible at Regent College. We can be readily contacted through the College Administration. I look forward to meeting with your family to discuss any questions or considerations you may have.

Kind regards

Derek Nicholls,


To provide a Christ-centred, inquiry focused learning environment, in which childhood is to be enjoyed and celebrated, and where students develop a life-long love of learning.


To have a reputation in the community as a school known for its academic excellence and use of innovative teaching practices, where belonging, wellbeing and growth prepare students for their ongoing, educational and faith journey.





College Values


We tell the truth in a polite and respectful way. We admit the mistakes we have made and make an effort to fix them. We use wisdom to decide what needs to be shared, considering whether our words will encourage others.


We choose to be kind in the way we treat ourselves and others. We care genuinely for those in need, without expecting anything in return. We encourage each other and use our words to build others up. We celebrate our own and others’ achievements in a way that will not hurt others.


We accept peoples’ differences and treat everyone equally. We don’t make fun of people for what they think or look like. We listen respectfully to others’ opinions and accept their decisions. We look after school property and other people’s belongings.


We do the things that are expected of us with a good attitude. We take care of our belongings and anything under our charge. We do the right thing even when no one is watching. We take ownership of our own actions and accept the consequences for our choices. We represent our school well, both on and off campus.


We stand up for what is right even if others aren’t doing the same. We have the courage to try new things and face challenges. We speak out to support, help and encourage others. We have the confidence to respectfully share concerns, ideas and thoughts.

Our Story

Like many Christian schools, Regent College started as a grassroots movement where parents and families sought alternative options for education for their children.

These early ideas, like tiny seeds, were planted in inner-city Perth, and grew an educational community named “Faith Christian Academy” and later “Rhema Christian Academy”. The year was 1982. While Western Australians were watching “The Man from Snowy River” and listening to “Eye of the Tiger”, the Faith Christian Academy commenced operation. The initial location was in the basement of Inner City Faith Fellowship (which later became Riverview Church), in Brisbane Street, Perth.

In the early days, Regent College catered for students years 1 to 10 utilising Accelerated Christian Education as its curriculum base. After several years the school moved to the WA Education Department based curriculum. The College was able to relocate to the present address in Victoria Park in 1986. Further adaptions were made in 1994 when the College became a primary school only.

A vital feature of the college is the long-serving and dedicated Christian staff who have worked diligently to develop programmes that prepare students to become responsible and productive citizens. Actually, there are a few staff members still working at Regent College who commenced in the 1980s. These superstar teachers have continued with the same passion and dedication to Christian Education as when they started.

From its origins as a ministry of the Inner City Faith Fellowship, now called Riverview Church, Regent College has now developed as an independent entity. Regent College has progressively improved in educational outcomes, premises and evangelical outlook. This allowed the school to flourish as a dedicated boutique primary school.


Regent College is governed by the Regent College Inc. Board.

Regent College is a member of the Association of Independent Schools of WA (AISWA) and Christian Schools Australia (CSA).

The functions of the Regent College Inc. Board include but are not limited to:

  1. Setting the broad direction and vision of the school;
  2. Strategic planning for the school including: a) Developing, monitoring and reviewing the objectives and targets of the strategic plan; and b) Considering, approving and monitoring human resource and asset management plans.

  3. Determining policies for the school including policies for the safety, welfare and discipline of students; and

  4. Determining the application of the total financial resources available to the school including the regular review of the budget.

Phillip joined the Regent College Board in 2020 and holds a Bachelor of Commerce, as well as a Masters of Educational Studies and a Master of Arts (Leadership).

Philip has over 40 years experience in Resource Management across a range of public and private sector organisations, Phillip has extensive experience in systems development, workplace communication, remuneration management and organisational restructuring.

His most recent role has been as HR Systems and Policy Manager for large and complex business employing around 7,000 people across Australia.

Philip is married to Lisa and attend Riverview Church with their family who are actively involved in the Church.

Judson joined the Regent College Board in 2020 and holds a Acturial Studies Degree from Curtin University, a Post-Graduate Actuarial Studies Degree from Macquarie University and a Post-Graduade Qualification through Kaplan.

Judson has advanced commercial, financial analysis and modelling skills that were developed working for major resources, infrastructure and industrial clients including Torridon Partners (now acquired by Deloitte Corporate Finance), PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), CCK Financial Solutions, and SRG Global, which he is currently employed as a Group Manager – Corporate Development.

Judson attends Nations Church with his wife Clara and young daughter.

Gai joined the Regent College Board in 2020 and holds a Graduate Certificate of Education in Early Childhood Studies, Diploma of Teaching – Primary and a Masters of Education in Early Childhood/Leadership.

Gai has over 25 years’ experience teaching in Independent Primary Schools in Perth. During this time she also served as the Director of Children’s Ministry at Riverview Church for two years. Gai currently works as the Deputy Head of Primary at Kingsway Christian College (Curriculum).

Gai is married to Graham and have three adult children.

Michelle joined the Regent College Board in 2020 and holds a Teaching Degree from studies completed in South Africa.

Upon completing her studies, Michelle has worked in education in a variety of forms. Michelle has taught in South Africa and in Primary Schools in Perth. In 2014 Michelle was appointed Acting Principal of Kalamunda Christian School which the then-Principal was on long service leave. In 2015 Michelle was appointed Principal of Kalamunda Christian School. She served in the role for five years before deciding to return to the classroom and take on a newly created position of Head of Academic Enrichment and Extension at Southern Hills Christian College.

Michelle is married with children.

Jasmine joined the Regent College Board in 2020 and holds a combined bachelor’s degree in Law and Commerce from UWA.

Jasmine has worked as a lawyer in multiple areas such as banking and finance, personal injury, family and property law. Since 2015 Jasmine has been working in private practice. Jasmine has worked in research and development at Curtin University, and contract development for the Telethon Kids Institute. Jasmine currenly works at the Silver Chain Group as a contracts Procurement Officer.

Jasmine is married to Robbie, and attend Providence Church.

Paula Hadfield joined the Regent College Board in ????. Paula holds a Diploma of Ministry from Riverview Leadership College. Paula has experience in working in the general insurance and financial services industry for over 12 years. Since 2007 Paula has been on staff at Riverview Church and has worked in both pastoral and administrative roles. Paula currently serves as the Connect Pastor at Riverview Church.

Paula attends Riverview Church with her husband Andrew and their two young daughters.  

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