Wearing the College uniform correctly fosters a sense of belonging for students. Parents are requested to check that their child is dressed correctly in the College uniform each day, ensuring that all components are neat and in good order.

If a student digresses from the College uniform, the student will receive a verbal reminder and a Uniform Infringement notification will be sent home by the classroom teacher. Please treat this as a gentle reminder but it is a genuine request that any incorrect components are to be addressed.

Wearing the College uniform is a condition of enrolment.

Click here to access the college uniform guide.

Unless communicated to families differently, the uniforms should be worn based on the following schedule:

  • Kindergarten and Pre-primary Physical Education uniform should be worn each day.
  • Years 1-6 Formal uniform each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during term.
  • Years 1-6 Physical Education uniform each Monday and Friday during term.