Student Sickness (Absenteeism)

The College understands that students will occasionally be unwell and unable to attend school. If your child is sick and cannot attend school, please use one of the following systems to inform and explain



Informing and Explaining Absenteeism. 

The following are updated processes for informing and explaining student absenteeism. 

Preferred Process.

  1. Please telephone (9470 4569) or email [email protected] the school by 9am if your child is too unwell to attend. If the phone goes to message bank, please leave a message. 
  2. Send a note with your child (even if you have previously telephoned) on the day they return, explaining their absence. Please include the dates absent and sign the note. This should be handed to the class teacher.
  3. Please keep the school informed if your child is away for more than 2 days. We love to know if we can pray for them and provide support.