Parking and Traffic Management


  • Regent College - Existing Parking Street Restrictions HERE


Kiss and Drive

(School Drop-Off and Pick-Up)


There are some key things you can do to be traffic smart and we would be grateful if you could consider the following:

1) Kiss and Drive is the most efficient way of dropping your child to school and collecting after school. Refer to 'the rules', below. 

2) There is street parking available in the streets surrounding the college (mostly time limited).  

3) Use alternative modes of travel (walking, cycling and public transport). Some students already travel with an adult to school using the bus, via Transperth Bus Routes 72 and 75 (Bus stops on Geddes Street). See routes HERE.

4) If you can, get to school early, park without stress and walk to school with your child while feeling virtuous. 

5) Car-pooling is a terrific way to reduce parking and traffic stress; also, a great way to develop school community relationships. 


  • If using Kiss and Drive in the afternoon, delay your afternoon pickup until between 3.15pm-3:25pm (this really does help). The exceptions are students in Kindergarten (and Pre-primary students on Kiss and Drive); your Kiss and Drive pick-up time is between 2:50pm and 3pm. 

  • No parking in the designated Kiss and Drive zone before school (between 7.30-9am) and after school (between 2.30-4pm). If a car is left attended during these times, you are likely to receive a parking infringement. 

  • Pull vehicle right up to the front of the Kiss and Drive queue before unbuckling children from seats. Do not permit students to enter or exit the vehicle from the back of the queue; it slows down the process and can be unsafe. 

  • Parents must not get out of their vehicles for any reason. If support is required, remain in the car queue and wind down your passenger window when you approach the front. A staff member will provide support.

  • Kindergarten/Pre-primary students will be assisted by staff members, and older students should be fully independent (but will be supervised).

  • Students must exit and enter the vehicle from the school side of the vehicle - never independently on the traffic side. This may require booster seats to be changed to the left side of the vehicle.

  • Parents must not park their car on the opposite side of the road to Kiss and Drive and then walk students across the road; to drop-off, or collect.

  • Use of the student/family name dashboard signs (will be provided to new families early Term 1) to help staff to prepare for pick up.  It really does help.

  • Do not send friends or relatives unannounced to collect students from Kiss and Drive. The College must be informed in advance concerning any new 'collectors' with details, including ID provided.


If you find yourself in a long queue of cars on Geddes Street, please exit the queue and loop around the block; do not sit on the corner. Town of Victoria Park (ToVP) Inspectors may issue fines to drivers who are sitting stationary on the road, particularly on the corner (where the road is marked with a yellow line - see above). 

Cars should NOT queue for Kiss and Drive along Hordern Street SOUTH of Geddes St (pictured below) to avoid intersection congestion.


Children under the age of 7 years old are not legally permitted to occupy the front passenger seat of a vehicle (unless all rear seats are occupied by younger children). Kidsafe recommends however that children should not sit in the front seat until 12 years old (particularly when the vehicle is fitted with an airbag). 

Correctly fitted child car restraints are required for children under 7 years old who have not outgrown the height marker on the car restraint. Over 7 years old, children are recommended to remain in the booster until they physically outgrow it. Refer to Kidsafe (Western Australia) website

Please do not use mobile phones while driving or queuing in Kiss and Drive.