Selection Criteria: The Class Rep must be;

  • A parent of child in class
  • Supportive of the College vision, mission and ethos.


  • To be respectful of everyone’s privacy and ensure that the confidentiality of teachers, students, and parents is maintained at all times.
  • Welcome new families to the class
  • Maintain and circulate a class contact list
  • Communicate school events and encourage participation/engagement
  • Organise various social events
  • Organise as a minimum one whole class get-together
  • Moderate the class WhatsApp group, ensuring that the College mobile number (to be provided) is included within the class WhatsApp group
  • Meet with other Class Reps and school leadership once a term to pray and debrief.

As a representative of the College, the Class Rep. is encouraged to keep the classroom teacher and College leadership informed as to what is going on within the community, however:

  • The Class Rep is NOT a counsellor and should not engage in any form of Pastoral Care on behalf of Regent College – should any concerns or issues arise, these should be directed to the appropriate person (e.g. Teacher, Deputy Principal and/or Principal) as per the Complaints Policy.
  • The Class Rep is not to use the personal information and/or WhatsApp group to distribute any information (e.g. product promotion) without first seeking approval from the Class Rep Coordinators.
  • The Class Rep is not to engage in any form of gossip, rather it is paramount that such situations are diffused and people encouraged to follow the right protocol.
  • The Class Rep does not circumvent the parent/teacher relationship – any concerns regarding to a child’s education or wellbeing should be directed to the teacher directly by the respective parent/s.
  • The Class Rep is not an official spokesperson for the College and should not make any public statements and/or provide comment on College policy or how specific issues are dealt with.


While the role of the Class Rep is ultimately about building community at the class level, it is important to remember that this will take on a different form (i.e. look very different) within the respective classes. Class dynamics will vary according to the composition of families, as such one class may be overtly social while another class may never manage to get together.

As a Class Rep, you need to be aware that your effectiveness and/or the impact you are having is not necessarily measured by the number of events you succeed in putting together or even the number of families attending such events.

The fact is, that some parents may feel perfectly connected, included and happy simply by receiving an email here or there, while other families will want to be at school all day every day. If you can’t get families to put their names down for the class contact list, or you are struggling to get the class together for a social event, this is not necessarily a reflection on you personally but rather a reflection on the dynamics within the class.

Each Class Rep will have a different experience… so just hang in there and enjoy the ride! Do what you can, that’s all anyone can ask!


The activities listed below are a few suggestions you might like to consider:

  • Organise a Meal Roster (e.g. for family with new baby, prolonged illness etc.)
  • Whole Class BBQ/ Picnic
  • Mums Night Out
  • Events that includes/involves dads
  • Class Play Dates (even for bigger kids)
  • Coffee catch-ups / Afternoon/Morning Teas
  • Organise for class to go to appropriate community events (e.g. Australia Day concert)
  • Class Games Night (for the whole family)
  • Organise a birthday card for each child in the class
  • Organise a birthday card for the teacher on behalf of the class.



If you require any photocopying or printing, please contact Administration.