Grow Free Cart

A Grow Free sharing cart is a medium where we can give to the wider community our produce for free. With no need for reciprocation or acknowledgment, we can give freely to anyone in the community.

Regent College Grow Free Cart

Families are invited to leave homegrown produce, and take what you need from the RC Grow Free Cart.
The RC Grow Free Cart will be parked in front of the gate in front of the Administration Building from 8:00am until 3:30pm on Thursdays and Fridays.

How does it work?

That's easy - take what you need, give what you can! 
There are no prices, no bartering, no trading, no value; like you would to family and loved ones.  Various classes are also growing herbs and vegetables that they will look after and then contribute to the cart.  

Suggested items you may like to leave are;

  • Homegrown or homemade produce: fruit, vegetables, herbs, homemade preserves
  • Eggs and clean egg cartons
  • Seeds, seedlings, cuttings and rootstock (please label clearly)
  • All things gardening, whether it be gardening magazines, toilet rolls, worm tea, etc
  • Washed jars

If you have any questions please direct these to [email protected]

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