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The Fathering Project School Group (FPSG)

Fathering is not an issue that is talked a lot about amongst fathers, yet there are enormous benefits for both dads and kids when dads feel supported and informed to enable them to be better fathers. The benefits of effective fathers are profound. The presence of an effective father, or father figure, is an important influence on a child’s life. Mums generally do a great job as do some dads. However some dads need support and advice to be more effective.

The Fathering Project’s Schools Program aims to positively promote the important role of fathers & father figures to the entire school community through the formation of a “Champion Dads” group or Fathering Project School Group (FPSG). The FPSG’s key role is to provide leadership and direction to the group of “Champion Dads”, school fathers, father figures and support people, including Mums.

A Fathering Project Schools Group is a group of dads from a school that is created to be a fun group that builds interaction, knowledge and skills of fathers and father figures. This core group of dads, “Champion Dads” or Father figures, will run activities. They are not Champion Dads because they are perfect dads but because they are committed to championing the need for being better dads for the sake of their kids.

The activities undertaken by the Fathering Project School Group include;

  • Father and father activities
  • Father and child activities
  • Father and The Fathering Project activities
  • Father and School activities

(taken from thefatheringproject.org)



"So, you're a Regent dad, then consider yourself invited!"


2018 Semester 2


  • WEST COAST FEVER - Perth Arena

The Fathering Project has been offered a fantastic offer from the West Coast Fever. They are keen to support our program and have generously offered dads, father figures and kids the chance to attend a West Coast Fever game with promotional ticket pricing for Saturday 28th July.

If you are interested in attending please contact me via email or text message to obtain further details. We will look to obtain group seating in order to make it a social event for fatehrs and kids.


  • WAFL GAME - Perth v Claremont at Lathlain Park

Similar to the above, the WAFL have shown their support for the Fathering Project by offering the opportunity to attend a WAFL game which contains some special activities.

Perth v Claremont is a selected feature fixture for TFP which is local to our area taking place on Saturday 11th August.

Please contact me via email or text message if your interested in attending so that I can provide further details.



Bunnings have again offered TFP groups the opportunity to host Bunnings Sausage Sizzles on the weekend prior to Fathers Day (Saturday 25th August).

This activity was undertaken in 2017 and proved to be a great opportunity for fathers to connect and get to know each other well whilst raising funds for the group to subsidise event costs throughout the year.   At last years event, there was very positive feedback from the community for goals and objectives of TFP.

Please contact Dennis at [email protected] or 0400 722 680 for further information and attendance confirmation.



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