Due to the Regent College Building Project, our canteen is unavailble in 2019 and 2020.  In the interim, the College offers an online lunch order delivery service for Regent College students. This service is provided by The Packed Lunch Box. 

The Packed Lunch Box delivers freshly prepared healthy lunch orders directly to the College each Wednesday, Thursday and Friday during the term.


Packed Lunch Box Logo

"We take the pressure off those mad mornings and offer a balanced nutritious meal that your kids will love. Because we have children, we know how fussy they can be and we also know the importance of getting in as much fresh fruit and vegetables. We want to keep things local and where possible all food is grown in WA." - The Packed Lunch Box

GETTING STARTED. To get started you will need to sign up to register your child. You can do this here to make ordering quick and easy.  Please select from main menu options, healthy snacks and a fruit or vegetable cup.

Orders must be placed by 8:00am for same day delivery.  Parents should ensure they receive a confirmation email that the order has been placed. When placing an order/creating an account, you will need to enter your billing address. The billing address is different to the delivery address of the order. Your child's order will be delivered to Regent College, as long as you select the right school in the order process.


  • While you can setup your account, in advance, you will not be able to place an order until the menu for the week is made 'live'; that may not happen until the Monday of each week. 
  • For Regent College, even though it might list the day options (on the Website Form) as Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, YOU CAN ONLY ORDER WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY. 
  • When the form requests your Class Room Number; instead, simply provide your Class title e.g. Class 1.1

For more information and frequently asked questions about The Packed Lunch Box, visit the Q&A Fact Sheet for parents here.