The College canteen is overseen by Regent College.  It is open for orders from Regent students each Friday during term, and orders can be made online (by parents), or in person (by parents or students). 

  • Orders need to be placed by 9am each Friday morning, whether online or in person. Online orders are encouraged and can be made prior to Friday.
  • To support over the counter ordering, the canteen will be open at 8.15am every Friday.  Lunch items must be pre-ordered either online or alternatively, using a labelled paper bag (e.g. envelope).
  • If ordering online, please register at and then add your children. 
  • The online ordering system is for lunch items and drinks only (with the exception of the Kindergarten and Pre-primary children who may order an Apple Slinky for recess and an icy pole for after lunch). 
  • As it is important for the students to have the experience of buying, (giving money and receiving change), recess items, drinks and ice creams / icy poles cannot be pre-ordered.

If you have any queries regarding the online registration process or online ordering process, please contact Our Online Canteen on 1300 116 637 for support.

If you have any queries about the menu items, please leave a message through College Administration for the Canteen Manager. 

The canteen requires the support of the school community.  If you would like to volunteer, your support would be welcomed. Even 1 shift per term would be of great assistance.


2017 canteen menu is available HERE