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School Overview

2015 Term Dates

These dates are subject to change slightly as at present no Professional Development days have been booked for staff.

Term 1: Monday February 2 - Thursday April 2
Term 2: Tuesday April 21 - Thursday July 3
Term 3: Wednesday July 22 - Friday September 25
Term 4: Monday October 12 - TBC

School Performance (2014)

I am pleased to present Regent College’s School Performance Information for 2014. The Australian Government requires the College to report on the following items as part of our accountability to them and the Regent College Community.

Regent College is an inter - denominational, co -educational, Christian Primary School catering for students from Kindergarten to Year 6. Regent aims to provide its students with the highest level of academic skills; skills that are foundational to lifelong learning and the achievement of individual potential. The College aims to support students in developing a biblical world view and emphasises the importance of growing in sound character based on Christian values. Regent has an experienced dedicated staff and supportive community members who work collaboratively with the objective of achieving the best possible outcomes for the Regent learning community.

Mike Taylor