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Regent College Vision

“Regent College provides an excellent education within a caring Christian environment that will equip each child for a successful future.”

At Regent, we believe that children’s character, talents and skills are all enhanced, not just by attending school but by being part of a caring community. And it is the role of the Regent College community, the staff and parents and friends, to equip children with a wide range of skills, self belief and values that will give them a solid foundation for their lives.


Regent College was established in February 1982 as a Christian School for children of parents attending Rhema Family Church, now Riverview Church. It was later opened up to the broader community, adding to the diversity of the College. The current premises were occupied in 1986 and purchased in 1988.

Regent College is founded upon the Christian value of relationship. From its earliest beginning as a small school Regent’s aim has been about providing excellent education within the safety of caring relationships.

Regent Motto and Crest

Regent: since we aim to educate our students to become Godly leaders in society, and Jesus anointed His people to do His will on earth, the name Regent was chosen. For a regent is a person who has been given the responsibility of looking after the kingdom during the monarch’s absence.

The Cross: represents the death and resurrection of Jesus, which sealed a new covenant of salvation for mankind.

The Crown: represents the crown of righteousness; the Christian’s reward.

The Dove: represents the Holy Spirit who gives power and guidance.

The Book: represents the Bible, which is our handbook for life and written knowledge for academic study.

The Motto: Life in Christ
In 2008, Regent sought the views of the College community in relation to the College uniform, logo and motto. There was strong support for retaining the logo as it strongly reflected the values of Regent and provided a strong link to the foundation of the College in 1982.

The majority of responses were in favour of changing the motto of “Obedience in Christ” to something different. However, it was a strong underlying consideration that “Christ” be included in the motto. It was with this in mind that the motto “Life in Christ” was chosen as it reflects growth, learning and the Christian journey.

School Governance

In 1982, Riverview Church (then known as Rhema Family Church), established Regent College. As such, Regent College Inc., is part of the Riverview Group and is governed by the Riverview Group Board of Trustees.

The Riverview Group Board of Trustees, as allowed for in the constitution of Regent College, appointed the Regent College School Council to assume some of its responsibilities and authority. There is a comprehensive governance document provided to the Principal and members of the Riverview Group Board of Trustees and the and Regent College School Council.

Regent College is a member of the Association of Independent Schools of WA, the Combined Christian Schools Association and Christian Schools Australia.

Regent College Council

The College Council’s primary task, as outlined in the Regent College School Council’s Governance Policies and Procedures Handbook, is to seek Godly wisdom and to act on behalf of those served by the College, to achieve the following:

  1. Clearly articulate the mission and values of the College as stated by the Riverview Group Board of Trustees;
  2. Establish policies aimed at achieving the mission and values;
  3. Recommend to the Riverview Group Board of Trustees a Principal who is equipped to provide leadership in achieving the College’s visions and goals;
  4. Govern by policy determination, establishing executive policies and limitations for the execution by the Principal;
  5. Ensure that in achieving the mission and values provided, the Principal is provided with resources which are adequate and appropriate;
  6. Ensure the accountability of the Principal and itself (the School Council).

The College Council meets twice a term during the School Year.

Regent College Parents' and Friends Association

The P&F Association consists of all the parents of children at Regent College. It is managed through a Management Team that is elected at the beginning of each school year. The Association meets once a month to evaluate areas of need in the College. These include building and special projects that have been outlined by the Principal as exceeding the commitment for the given school year. A social event is organised for the College community each term by the P&F Association.

Functional Duties

  1. Serve on working parties to evaluate and prepare for areas of development within the College programme;
  2. Organise fundraising events for specific projects;
  3. Arrange social activities to bring about close co-operation between parents, teachers and students;
  4. Relate areas of need within the College from a parent’s position that can be passed on to the Principal;
  5. Promote the service of the College amongst the Church and broader community.