Welcome to Regent College, Perth

Regent College is a private Christian school for primary aged students (Kindergarten to Year 6), located in Perth, Western Australia. It is an inner-city learning community in Victoria Park; one that has a focus on creativity, achievement, respect and compassion for others. Regent College has a multi-cultural student body, with committed and experienced staff. Regent College is a place where your child is known, is motivated to learn and given opportunity to grow.

Regent College crestRegent College
22 Colombo Street
Victoria Park WA 6100

Phone: (08) 9470 4569
Fax: (08) 9470 3898
Email: admin@regentcollege.wa.edu.au

Featuring at Regent

Regent Royals Netball

The College is looking forward to launching some fresh initiatives in 2016!

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A Time to Honour

Parents are invited to attend a special farewell assembly to honour the very lovely, Mrs Lynley Morris.

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Thanks Dads - it was a great night!

A SUPER turnout from Regent dads!

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Meet Our Principal, Mr Derek Nicholls


Mr Nicholls arrived at Regent College at the beginning of 2015 with a vision to foster enthusiasm for learning and building skills in our students. He believes that students should be involved in setting their own learning objectives and be self-motivated, interested learners. Teamwork and communication are high on Mr Nicholls’ agenda as he seeks to foster an environment where there is effective and cooperative communication between parents, staff and students. Bringing a solid history in Primary Education in Western Australia, Derek seeks to promote a positive, stimulating, challenging, mutually respectful and enjoyable experience for all at Regent College. 

The Story Behind Regent College

Regent College is a co-educational primary school focused on providing a Christian milieu for learning. It caters for students from Kindergarten to Year 6. Established in 1982, Regent College was associated with the then Rhema Family Church, now known as Riverview Church. Currently, Regent College operates as a separate entity; however, continues to have informal links with Riverview Church and the wider Christian community in Perth.

Regent aims to provide its students with the highest possible level of academic skills; skills that are foundational to life-long learning and the achievement of individual potential. The College aims to support students in developing a biblical world view and emphasises the importance of growing in sound character based on Christian values. Regent has an experienced, dedicated and professional staff and supportive community members who work collaboratively with the objective of achieving the best possible outcomes for the Regent learning community.

At Regent, we believe that children’s character, talents and skills are all enhanced, not just by attending school, but by being part of a caring community. It is the role of the Regent College community, the staff and parents and friends, to equip children with a wide range of skills, self belief and values that will give them a solid foundation for their lives.